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Joao Galamba (unknown) retweetou @wsl :

RT <a href="" target="_blank">@wsl</a>: After a 2nd place finish at <a href="!/search?q=%23Sunset" target="_blank">#Sunset</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">@FredericoMorai1</a> is the current Vans Triple Crown rankings leader |

Govern quer criar centro de inovação para o turismo

RT @RupertMyers: We voted out to disband the rule of law and return to absolute monarchy, apparently…

but these companies are able to move between all 50 states and negotiate a tax free deal! Our country cannot keep losing these jobs, & won't

RT @Max_Fisher: Even in the year of Brexit and Trump, South Korea might win for most bananas political meltdown.…

RT @velosahv: António Filipe: “É simplista e errado qualificar Fidel como ditador”… Eleições "participadas" é votare…

RT @mattyglesias: Don't forget to turn on two-factor authorization on the nuclear codes.

RT <a href="" target="_blank">@economia_pt</a>: Vôo inaugural Ryanair Lisboa-Lajes, Ilha Terceira. Turismo nos Açores cresce 20% nos hóspedes e 30% nos proveitos

RT @AlanKestrel750: This is the most impassioned I have ever seen President Obama, and everyone needs to watch it.

RT @Estadao: Unesco declara a rumba e a cerveja belga como Patrimônios da Humanidade