Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Tweets são apagados por políticos
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Estas observações do comportamento do Twitter de políticos onde fez no período de 21 July 2019 23:28 até 19 August 2019 23:28

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....got fired. Wrote a very nice book about me just recently. Now the book is a lie? Said his wife was driving him crazy, “something big” was happening with her. Getting divorced. He was a mental wreck. We didn’t want him around. Now Fake News puts him on like he was my buddy!

Anthony Scaramucci is a highly unstable “nut job” who was with other candidates in the primary who got shellaced, and then unfortunately wheedled his way into my campaign. I barely knew him until his 11 days of gross incompetence-made a fool of himself, bad on TV. Abused staff,..

Joao Galamba (unknown) tweetou :

Via Carlos Matos Gomes: “A jornalista Ana Sá Lopes não faz mesmo ideia do que foi o tatcherismo....! E a direção do Público, para a enxovalhar, estampa a sua ignorância nas suas... publico.pt/2019/08/18/eco…

RT @TimHarford: Just cracking open the promising-looking "Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. Hoping it will show me how to spend less time…