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RT @ACameronFOE: No justification I can see for continuing the badger cull. It is anti-science, anti wildlife and wrong. https://t.co/OLm7H…

Keith Taylor MEP (EU) retweetou @HKesvani :

RT @HKesvani: Weird how a certain kind of British media man gets extremely sensitive when the most basic requests for accountability are as…

RT @jongaunt: Here is my radio interview with @AMDWaters @ForBritainParty on my Shooting from the lip show on @SputnikInt It has gone down…

Julie Ward MEP (EU) retweetou @joncstone :

RT @joncstone: If this has anything to do with 'open borders' why are they hiding in the back of a lorry https://t.co/9ywEfHlyzF

RT @joncstone: Baroness Warsi subjected to Islamophobic abuse by Brexit supporters after she defects to Remain ind.pn/28ImPGU

Julie Ward MEP (EU) retweetou @joncstone :

RT @joncstone: this is good news for refugees heading to the UK - journey will become significantly easier. silver lining to Brexit https:/…

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RT @joncstone: Some of the best signs so far at #MarchForEurope https://t.co/op46a3LNFp

RT @joncstone: Some of the best signs so far at #MarchForEurope https://t.co/op46a3LNFp

Mary Honeyball (EU) retweetou @joncstone :

RT @joncstone: Labour folk actually queuing around the block to hear about proportional representation at #LAB16 https://t.co/T9kxLieC0V

RT @joncstone: Tax credit claimants will never again have to deal with a private company after Concentrix debacle, HMRC pledges https://t.c…