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RT @GOPLeader: In his pursuit to bring down this president, Chairman Adam Schiff has neglected his real responsibilities. Instead of workin…

“Trump Economy Breaks Holiday Shopping Records.”

Great writer and historian, Doug Wead, has written a true (not Fake News) account of what is going on in Washington and the White House. His new book, INSIDE TRUMP’S WHITE HOUSE, is sn incredible description of a very exciting and successful time in our County’s history. Buy it!

RT @GOPChairwoman: While 2020 Democrats want to destroy millions of energy jobs and enrich our foreign adversaries by eliminating fossil fu…

RT @KatiePavlich: Very excited to announce the newest addition to @townhallcom, Townhall 🇺🇸 VIP! Find out more and use promo code “Katie” f…

....Sondland said Trump told him. None of this will move the needle for anyone. And now Dems in Swing Districts head home for Thanksgiving to hear from voters. Pelosi & Co. are putting on a show to appease the Democratic base instead if doing the work ALL Americans need done.”

Daniel Cameron, who just won the A.G. race in the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a young and very talented political star. You will be hearing much from Cameron in the yesrs to come!