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Minister for the Pacific, int’l env, climate & forests ... & UK animal welfare, @DefraGovUk and @FCDOGovUK - in the Lords zac@zacgoldsmith.com

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“Those are my principles and if you don’t like them… well, I have others” Groucho Marx

These people are supposed to be free market fanatics. Why are they fighting to protect billions going to landowners… simply for owning land, no matter what they do with it? Why for are Lab & Libdems doing the same? theguardian.com/environment/20…

These guys at @year5phoenex Phoenix Primary just delivered the most passionate and pitch perfect message on why all palm oil needs urgently to be sustainable. So impressed! https://t.co/cCl7vRp0C6

RT @KewTory: @andree_frieze @sarahjolney1 @RTGreenParty @ZacGoldsmith @TheGreenParty It’s not all about you @andree_frieze. Other Greens feel thwarted by the pact with the LDs in Richmond Park so @ZacGoldsmith and his environmental credentials appeal.

RT @KewTory: Few voters realise what an MP does for constituents who contact their office with complicated problems. A hard working MP, deals with these issues but never gets any credit for this part of his job. @ZacGoldsmith has worked tirelessly for all these residents.Just ask them.

RT @KewTory: @LBRUT @LBHF @Gareth_Roberts_ Richmond Park MP @ZacGoldsmith is holding a meeting on 6/6 for local residents in Barnes with TFL representatives. https://t.co/N5zc5zKJTR

RT @KewTory: RT @KewTory: @CarolinePidgeon Late to the party North Richmond Councillors, @ZacGoldsmith the local MP has sorted it. Shelter coming in Ja…

RT @KewTory: RT @KewTory: Good to see @ZacGoldsmith and @JFKEW out with the police this morning. twitter.com/mpsrichmond/st…

RT @KewTory: @ZacGoldsmith out in the constituency today on Richmond Hill celebrating the installation of two new telescopes on Richmond Hill in memory of Air Commodore Robin Spaight CBE, whose wife Pat is Secretary of TLS and @richmondsociety. https://t.co/dl5Sk69cKw