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2018-Present Governor of Punjab, Pakistan. 2018 Member Senate Pakistan. 2013-2015 Governor of Punjab. Honorary Doctorate. Member of BritishParliament 1997-2010.

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RT @Waqtnewstv: #BreakingNews وزیر اعظم سے برطانیہ کے لارڈ ڈینیئل ہنان کی ملاقات @ImranKhanPTI @PTIofficial @GovtofPakistan #Britain #Lord #DanielHannan @DanielJHannan #Pakistan #UK https://t.co/yeGyXyUhdh

تمام پاکستانیوں کو نیا سال مبارک۔آئیے عہد کریں کہ پاکستان کی ترقی و خوشحالی کیلئےملکر جدوجہد کریں گے۔ہم اپنےمظلوم کشمیری و فلسطینی بہن بھائیوں سےاظہارِ یکجہتی کرتےہیں اور پُرامید ہیں کہ ان کو حقِ خودارادیت حاصل ہوگا۔دعاہےکہ اس سال ہمیں کورونا سےبھی نجات حاصل ہو #HappyNewYear2021 https://t.co/RCLdEco2Zl

Hindutva extremism unchecked under #Modi is on the rise & a cause of concern for Muslims of India.Violence against Muslims is no longer contained to Kashmir. HR violations by radicals under #RSS r visible to intl community via media & yet we remain silent kmsnews.org/kms/2021/12/27…

#MerryChristmas to all those celebrating #Christmas around the world. We’ve all gone through a tough time due to #coronavirus so pls stay stay safe by observing Govt SOPs. May this Christmas bring you joy & happiness. #MerryXmas https://t.co/BQzct85T8i

Greatly appreciate @SecBlinken for recognising Pakistan’s efforts in awakening the global community to the looming humanitarian crises in war-torn Afghanistan. Setup of trust fund is a milestone achievement of OIC session which also manifested its commitment to regional stability

Absolutely horrified at inhumane murder of #SriLankan Priyantha Kumara accused of #blasphemy-an abhorrent interpretation of Islam. It’s a shameful day for all of us in Pakistan where we’ve failed our minorities. PMIK is overseeing arrests of all involved & justice will be served https://t.co/lXdNeXWtt7

Violent raid by #IsraeliForces on #Damascus gate #EastJerusalem & brutal manhandling of child is gross violation of HRs. Advocates of protecting children’s rights, @UN & #Muslim leaders acx the world need to unite & support the oppressed Palestinians in their legitimate struggle. https://t.co/IWdeU35vXX

Congratulations to @UN on its 76th anniversary celebrating the day when it’s charter came into force. Pakistan has been always a partner of the #UN esp in UN Peacekeeping Force & will continue to support its mission of protecting #HumanRights acx the world. #UnitedNationsDay https://t.co/usrKkr4xsJ

RT @SeanKellyMEP: I was so pleased to hear of the great progress being made in #Pakistani with inspired leadership from @TeamSarwar . Looking forward to further progress & dialogue with Ambassador @zjanjua . Pakistan- a great beacon of light & hope in a troubled region. @EPPGroup @EU_Commission

It was an honour to meet Imam Masjid Al-Haram Sheikh (Dr) Maher al Muaiqly. #SaudiArabia has always been a great friend of #Pakistan esp during difficult & challenging times. I am thankful to the Imam for his prayers for the integrity & prosperity of people of Pakistan. #Makkah https://t.co/G1Q1jN7F0n