Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

General Secretary Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee (PKRC), member CC Asia Europe Peoples Forum (AEPF), ممبر حقوق خلق موومنٹ

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RT @Leena_Ghani: @FarooqTariq3 I'm so sorry for your loss, Farooq Sb. May your beloved wife rest in peace. Sending you and your family lots of prayers, strength and love.

RT @zarak_khaan: اللہ تعالیٰ انہیں جنت الفردوس میں جگہ عطا فرمائے اور آپ کو اور آپ کے خاندان کو صبر جمیل عطا فرمائے۔ سمجھ نہیں آتی کینسر خاص کر پیٹ اور بریسٹ کا اتنا کیوں پھیل رہا ہے

RT @aishaismad: A short clip of my speech at the #FaizInternationalFestival where I spoke out against the silencing of Lahore's most committed and active Leftists, Ammar Ali Jan and @Taimur_Laal. #LetTheLeftSpeak #HumDekhRaheyhain twitter.com/hashmani2010/s…

RT @leftitweets: So good to look at the clear blue sky after a long time. Gilgit is amazing, even with its -5 temp at night. It doesn't need big hotels, mega devlpmnt schemes. It definitely needs more schools, universities & health infrastructure. NO to big private investments, yes to Human dev https://t.co/4iSgqNprlG

RT @rebecca_vincent: Tomorrow in Kingston-upon-Thames, a criminal trial will open against a British citizen accused of plotting the murder of exiled Pakistani blogger @AWGoraya. I’ll be monitoring as much of these two-week proceedings as possible in person for @RSF_inter. rsf.org/en/news/histor…

Farooq Tariq (pakistan) tweetou :

مری میں 23 افراد کی شہادت پر تحریک انصاف حکومت کے پاس ایک ہی راستہ تھا۔ عوام سے معافی مانگتے کہ ہم نے بروقت انتظامات نہیں کئے۔ آئیندہ نہ ہو گا۔ مگر ایسا نہ کر کے اس نے آپنے آپ کو ناقابل تلافی سیاسی نقصان پہنچایا #PTI #Murree

RT @AroojAurangzb: IJT is the pioneer of violence in student politics, these fascist goons should be banned. What if other student organizations opt violence in retaliation? Is government waiting for educational institutes to burn with hate, fury, EXTREMISM..? @SirajOfficial #BanTerroristIJT https://t.co/oeyeEeHBp2

RT @AroojAurangzb: یہ خون میں پت طالب علم انٹرنیشنل اسلامک اسلام آباد میں لاء کا سٹوڈنٹ اسلامی جمعیت طلبہ کے درندگی اور شدت پسندی کا شکار بنا۔ #BANIJT #BanTerroristIJT #IJTattackedonIIUIStudents https://t.co/ZADWUoF8Pz

RT @sochbechar_: @FarooqTariq3 @abbasnasir59 Please don’t sell any public property, you are selected for 5 years, you can rent property for 5 years,MQM has allotted government property worth billions to its friends causing colossal loss to public, Jehangir Tarin has got his loans waived off causing huge loss to public

RT @aishaismad: RT @aishaismad: Peak Pakistan: Flying to Lahore on #IndependenceDay on a PIA flight that is delayed by 2 hours and counting due to 'techni…