Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

A founding member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, in active politics for 22 years. Devoting all time to social work now.

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RT @shzmlk: @FauziaKasuri @PTIofficial What if you were a senator maam... your words would have been 180 degrees... now that you are not a PTI lady world is clear to you. Trust me its not what is expected of you... act like Fauzia Kasuri and not a typical losing candidate of pmln or ppp

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Request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice on the criminal negligence of the Punjab and Central Govt, responsible for the loss of innocent lives in the Murree tragedy. Unforgivable incompetence!!

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It is a universally accepted fact in the corporate world, that a team of incompetent n corrupt officials must have an equally incompetent n corrupt boss? Height of negligence? Either way, disastrous! @FrontlineKamran @hafeezullah_k @DrDanish5 @Shahidmasooddr

RT @vmorghulis1860: @FauziaKasuri You have raised very legitimate points & issues, mam. I'm an ardent PTI & IK supporter, but I sincerely believe that you've highlighted some very pressing matters.

RT @VORdotcom: Dear Pakistani Press, Please don't share pictures of #Abhinandan 's family. They are suffering enough already. This could have easily been a Pakistani soldier in India. I would have asked for the same too. Regards, From this side of the border

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A courageous, graceful and visionary leader..he knew how to respect others and got great respect in return. Rest in peace Gen Colin Powell. Pic taken in 2006, at the Atlantic Coucil dinner in Washington DC, @ChicoJahangir https://t.co/LP3mKVJ00r

RT @sea_goat: I have seen only one woman politician with standards and that was ⁦@FauziaKasuri⁩ All the rest I have seen had attitude. Most with severe attitudinal issues. That’s an observation and not an invitation to debate, please. https://t.co/U0fRPXKLTa

RT @sea_goat: @FauziaKasuri It was courageous to quit when respect was not on the menu. I feel sorry for those other ladies whose disillusionment is written large on their faces after their ignominious mention in Reham's slanderous book.

RT @Afzaalchaudhry: RT @Afzaalchaudhry: Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead! Many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday @Fau…

RT @AfshanAmir3: RT @AfshanAmir3: @FauziaKasuri @PTIDefend You have a graceful & positive personality. We love you sooooo much Ma'am. Stay Blessed ❤️❤️❤️