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Secretary General Balochistan National Party & Senator & Chairman Standing Committee - Rules for Procedure and Privileges.

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RT @samipullain: @jamaldini_zeb I whole heartedly congratulate the dist cabinet & workers of Nasirabad 4 such a historic gathering.BNP S/G senator Jamaldini https://t.co/8BOvEO4Tu2

RT @samipullain: RT @samipullain: @jamaldini_zeb BNP leader Senator Jehan zeb jamaldini offering fateya on sad demise of Irfan Sarpara. https://t.co/Ue88NB…

RT @samipullain: RT @samipullain: @jamaldini_zeb Senator Dr. Jehan zeb jamaldini addressing BNP jalsa.(1/2) https://t.co/Cw8MAQwe25

RT @samipullain: RT @samipullain: @jamaldini_zeb Senator Dr. Jehan zeb jamaldini addressing BNP jalsa.(2/2) https://t.co/jZzG3wfalS

Owners of riches BALOCHISTAN can’t buy a pair shoes. https://t.co/cQhshq8x5k

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