Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Communication Consultant & Former Newspaper Editor. "in stilo autem meo coram multis testibus"

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RT @gui_santos77: RT @gui_santos77: Jorge Jesus deu upgrade para Jorge Deus

RT @HistoryMuppet: RT @HistoryMuppet: It’s nice to see officials taking science seriously again ◽ https://t.co/6KCatn5Rzx

RT @macguffin_69: RT @macguffin_69: Espera: Medina-comentador esteve na @tvi24pt a comentar a entrevista de Moedas? Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

Brian Econ, Mea Culpa (2006 Digital Remaster) youtu.be/Xmw1qB3t2y4

RT @mike_giglio: RT @mike_giglio: the trial of 17 journalists begins today in Turkey. very sobering times. theguardian.com/world/2017/jul…

RT @gavinmuellerphd: RT @gavinmuellerphd: Real cyberpunk would have eco-ninjas assassinating crypto-mining operators

Olá de novo, já foi corrigido. Mais uma vez as minhas desculpas.