Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

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RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: Google Maps showing all the pubs in Great Britain. https://t.co/xgTP0m1do9

RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: Building a Leonardo da Vinci bridge https://t.co/9noJAyllMM

RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: Please explain the odds of this https://t.co/4CT40ZY3vp

RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: When it's not your day to die https://t.co/FHq5dDestf

RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: "evolution of the human face" https://t.co/JXMYGll7FM

RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: A 10 MB hard disk from the 1960's https://t.co/6FUfRDj4mJ

RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: Zero fucks plus ability https://t.co/J3SZTlTQIB

RT @thehumanxp: RT @thehumanxp: Pre-WWII footage of a smoke curtain, used to hide ships during a naval battle, being deployed. https://t.co/BUXqr33DQh