Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

MP Kaipara ki Mahurangi electorate. Authorised by Chris Penk, 365 Main Road, Huapai

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RT @Rightofcentre2: Govt supporters: 'Simon Bridges knows nothing about finance!' "Grant Robertson studied politics at Otago, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. At university he was President of the Otago University Students’ Association & Co-President of the NZ University Students Association"

RT @StephenWPearso1: @ChrisPenknz The @WHO actually said lockdowns should only be used to get your health systems in order. Given the last two weeks performance by MoH we’re going to be locked down for a fair while yet. With all the indicators available from Australia to learn from this response is woefully bad.

RT @StephenWPearso1: Today we get a day off for the 40th anniversary of the underarm incident. I’ll take it @ChrisPenknz @CraigNorenbergs @NZcricket1 @AusCricket_ @Auscricknetwork https://t.co/JLCcFqo67C

RT @StephenWPearso1: @ChrisPenknz These are the hallmarks of anonymous coward accounts. Wouldn’t dare tweet under their own name. Treat it with the disdain it deserves.

RT @StephenWPearso1: @SamSherwoodNZ @ChrisPenknz Poto Williams is clearly anti-police. Her comments as to who she represents in July prove that. She’s happy to send police out unarmed and unvaccinated.

RT @StephenWPearso1: RT @StephenWPearso1: @BasicBishopNZ @ChrisPenknz @PronouncedHare You’re missing the opportunity here. The quicker we die out the quicker th…

RT @ascroft_joe: You know, some ACT people told me that once the party was no longer reliant on Epsom it would take housing and property rights seriously. Now ACT is on 15% and the housing policy hasn't changed. Where's the courage?

RT @Andrew_Ward7: RT @Andrew_Ward7: My colleagues and I having endorsed each other’s skills on LinkedIn. https://t.co/H2dy3889UP

RT @AndrewNZ20: National spending $26m on a flag... Twitter melts down. Labour spending $51m on a bridge design that wasn't built. Twitter: its all nationals fault for undermining the process. #nzpol