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Labour Party Member of Parliament for Christchurch Central Authorised by Rob Salmond, 160 Willis Street, Wellington

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Duncan_Webb_ (unknown) tweetou :

I know I am functionally innumerate but if it’s 2 for $3 or $1.85 each I’m not sure that is a .70c saving😂😂. How common is this? https://t.co/V9nKiktt6e

Duncan_Webb_ (unknown) tweetou :

The issue of whether it’s the landlord or tenant who gets to choose if a sign goes on the fence is vexed. I would just ask whose home it is. linkedin.com/posts/drduncan…

RT @MarjaLubeck: RT @MarjaLubeck: Great tie Dr @Duncan_Webb_ proudly representing a Government that’s not afraid to move on climate change. https://t.co/nyl…

RT @PronouncedHare: This is probably a bit churlish, but if we’re going to successfully unite around this issue, I’d like to see more “New Zealand Government” branded information and less “Labour is delivering on COVID-19” branded stuff.

RT @GarethMP: Gave @Duncan_Webb_ a temporary tattoo on the @NZGreens stall at University of Canterbury today. Well I told him it was temporary. https://t.co/5xjsBHEJz4

Duncan Webb MP (unknown) tweetou :

I went to the noodle market in Hagley Park last night. Overpriced underwhelming food for middle class Chch. What a waste of CCC money. At least Culture Galore on 22 Feb has genuine ethnic food made by the communities and priced for everyone. See you there

Duncan Webb MP (unknown) tweetou :

Andrew Little steak show with te reo at Waitangi. https://t.co/r8dKYGtK1m

RT @ginnyandersen: Fantastic to see Labour and our partners fully fund Melling Interchange today. $258m to build this congestion-buster that will save every commuter an hour at the lights every week. Never funded by National❌ Fully funded by Labour ✔️

Duncan Webb MP (unknown) tweetou :

I usually like Chris Trotter's rants but...the worst thing is not the apocalyptic predictions, but that he thinks a squirrel going from Scotland to England without its feet touching the ground is a feat - I could do that by jumping over the border! interest.co.nz/opinion/101146…