Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Member Of Parliament (MDP), 154th member of MDP, Inguraidhoo Constituency president, campaign committee member.

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RT @AllahGreatQuran: RT @AllahGreatQuran: Ya Allah, if my tawakkul is weak, remind me that your plans are better than mine. Forgive my shortcomings ya Rahman.

RT @AllahGreatQuran: RT @AllahGreatQuran: “So, be patient. Surely Allah’s promise is true, and let not the disbelievers shake your firmness.” (Quran 30:60)

RT @AllahGreatQuran: Dua/prayer is beautiful: . If you love someone, Pray for them. Pray for their peace. Pray for their growth. Pray for their success. Pray for their life. Pray for their happiness.

RT @AllahGreatQuran: RT @AllahGreatQuran: Just because you can’t be perfect, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be better. Better is possible.

RT @AllahGreatQuran: RT @AllahGreatQuran: Never be upset that it didn’t work out, be glad that you learned something to make you better for the next time.

RT @AllahGreatQuran: We are all facing some kind of difficulties. But stand firm in faith, knowing that Allah ﷻ will turn things around. Allah ﷻ knows you can handle it. He knows you’re strong. He wants you to remember that difficult battles are only given to strong soldiers!

RT @AllahGreatQuran: Killing an innocent human being is like killing the entire humanity, and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.” (Quran 5:32)

RT @AllahGreatQuran: RT @AllahGreatQuran: Allah sometimes gives & sometimes takes from us, & all pure just. However we see it, we should stay thankful & firm on…

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@ibusolih އަވަސް ޝިފާއަކަށް އެދެން ރައީސް.