Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Deputado do Partido Socialista/MP Socialist Party

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RT @BankingUnion_eu: RT @BankingUnion_eu: Europe's regulators must tell banks to cut bad debts to help recovery: ECB reut.rs/2cCGqqA vía @Reuters

RT @BankingUnion_eu: RT @BankingUnion_eu: Italy Could Spark Systemic Bank Crisis, SocGen Chairman Says bloom.bg/29hn3ns vía @business

RT @BankingUnion_eu: RT @BankingUnion_eu: Italian finance minister rejects need for banks bail-in ft.com/content/a57531… vía @FT

RT @BankingUnion_eu: RT @BankingUnion_eu: Heta And Novo Banco Lawsuits Reveal Fatal Flaws In The European #BankingUnion | by @Frances_Coppola https://t.co/0we3D…

RT @BankingUnion_eu: RT @BankingUnion_eu: Europe's 'doom-loop' returns as credit markets seize up | by @AmbroseEP telegraph.co.uk/finance/econom… via @Telegraph

RT @BankingUnion_eu: RT @BankingUnion_eu: Spanish Impasse Deters Investors as Banks Trade at Crisis Levels bloom.bg/1nnMtT9 vía @business

RT @BankingUnion_eu: RT @BankingUnion_eu: Exclusive: Germany, UK say EU bank capital rules need easing for smaller lenders reut.rs/1SY363F vía @Reuters

RT @GoncaloAguiar: Nos próximos dias será inevitável ouvir a narrativa de que a culpa do aumento dos preços da electricidade 📈, ou do apagão X ou Y, foi devido ao encerramento das centrais a carvão em Portugal. Não, não é! #THREAD 1/

RT @MLiebreich: Europe is poised for the arrival of a new generation of “Green Giant” data centres, operating 100% clean and up to 25% cheaper than current best-in-class urban data centres, according to a report by @LiebreichAssoc on behalf of Portugal’s Start Campus. startcampus.pt/green_giants.p…