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National Party MP for Pakuranga, Spokesperson for Transport and Public Service. Authorised by Simeon Brown, 120 Pakuranga Road, Auckland

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Simeon Brown (unknown) tweetou :

Labour grows the bureaucracy. National grows the economy. https://t.co/qNlj60FPfX

RT @TaxpayersUnion: RT @TaxpayersUnion: WOW. New figures reveal an explosion in the number of public servants. An increase of 29% under Labour! https://t.co/yV…

RT @ChrisPenknz: RT @ChrisPenknz: That went well, @Chris_Luxon ◽◽◽◽ https://t.co/BbB2AcPKdX

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweetou :

Can someone in the Govt tell my why vaccinated COVID free people travelling from Australia are too risky to enter NZ before Christmas while thousands of COVID positive patients isolate at home across NZ? Where is the public health evidence behind this decision?

RT @Monique_nz: Can we please stop saying that high vaccination rates give us “new” or “extra” freedoms? The govt isn’t granting new or extra freedoms - they’re *restoring* freedoms that were temporarily ceded in an attempt to control a pandemic.

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweetou :

A significant amount of Police resource is being used policing the checkpoints at around Auckland. https://t.co/dLtzclcx1m

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweetou :

The Police Commissioner told morning report that Police will be working to keep the traffic moving ‘as best they can’ for Aucklanders leaving Auckland. Sounds optimistic.

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweetou :

COVID is now in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Rotorua, Taupo, Wairarapa with people isolating at home. But fully vaccinated travellers from overseas are required to spend 7 days in MIQ.

RT @reefstewartnz: Unbelievable - this Government is seriously defending its efforts to prevent notable information from going public. Great work from @SimeonBrownMP holding Labour to account! newshub.co.nz/home/politics/…

RT @reefstewartnz: Today's Budget offers little for everyday working Kiwis - the nurses, tradies, etc. This Labour Government is creating an environment of government dependency; Big Government. We mustn't tolerate it.