Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Full-time consultant, part-time grower 🧑🏻‍🌾 Crusaders fan and cricket tragic 🇳🇿

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RT @mentalhealthnz: RT @mentalhealthnz: This is all a bit unexpected, isn't it? Let's all take a breath together now. https://t.co/HLRG5ObM43

RT @MikeE_NZ: My wife is about to board her plane from Singapore to DC. She’s literally the only person at the gate. The airport is a ghost town. https://t.co/FDmPHncbkD

RT @amyadamsMP: RT @amyadamsMP: This is the end. Now it’s war twitter.com/katieabradford…

RT @amyadamsMP: RT @amyadamsMP: This is outrageous - being good at sport isn’t a defence to rape. stuff.co.nz/auckland/11492…

RT @amyadamsMP: Was pleased to stand with ⁦@nikkikaye⁩ and a group of cross party colleagues at Parliament today supporting a woman’s right to choose and abortion law reform https://t.co/itGJHch3Hf

RT @lightyouonfire: RT @lightyouonfire: Finally a market niche for night clubs where there are chairs and ppl aren’t allowed to talk to me

RT @liamkernaghannz: Stopping someone from using archaic and dangerous "science" to try and change who I am and who I love is not a freedom of speech issue. Gay Conversion Therapy is a practice that involves preying on vulnerable young people who are often forced into subjection. It is not OK.

RT @liamkernaghannz: Some of what Sir Peter Gluckman has been saying about mental health issues and the associated impacts - family violence, self harm, drug use - of the lockdown is something I don't think we have talked about enough.