Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Member of Parliament @NZGreens, Human rights lawyer, IranianKiwi refugee, Feminist, Oxford, UN, She/her. Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Lvl 2, 17 Garrett St, WLG

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RT @g_nar: Iranian monarchist flags out along with the confederate flags and Tr*mp banners. I guess some people just really love coups. I guess some people just really love lost causes.

RT @BehrouzBoochani: The difference between refugees and @DjokerNole goes beyond the length of their detentions. The asymmetry extends to the fact that Djokovic is able to defend himself in court and refugees are not; they are totally failed by the judicial system.

RT @buitengebieden_: RT @buitengebieden_: This raven being covered up in a blanket by the fire.. ◽ https://t.co/bu7H6vLgAb

@michaelsname (Also I am very much not part of the Government this term)

RT @tbtpeters: Most journalists have been so conditioned by three decades of climate crisis being 'about individual behaviour' that they feel compelled to tweet about vegetarian sandwiches at a summit which can decide when to end global oil extraction.

RT @annaliesejohn: WTAF "With the child restrained on the ground, another officer arrived on foot to assist. The child did not offer his hands for arrest so the officer punched him in the ribs two or three times to handcuff him. The IPCA found the punches were not justified."rnz.co.nz/news/national/…

RT @WhiteHouse: Omicron cases are on the rise, but it’s clear that vaccines and boosters are making a difference. Vaccines and boosters help prevent severe illness and death — if you haven’t already, go get your vaccine and booster. https://t.co/w6KL27VKrL

RT @Comrade_Roman_: RT @Comrade_Roman_: Hot take: We should care about all poor people

My comments were: - Does an integrated justice budget means investing in alternatives to prisons - How is he capacity building treasury to actually measure wellbeing? - How often does he check in with the Trade Min about about a wellbeing approach to trade strategy

Quick Greens Finance Minister catch up. One thing I asked is what the Gov is doing to make sure its economists know how to measure what we need them to measure (wellbeing not just $$). He said good point but that's the first time a Green asked for Treasury to have more support 😑 https://t.co/SjNCsQyzvl