Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

historiador, fundador @livrept. historian, former MEP. research associate @CEI_IUL, docteur histoire @EHESS_fr, @nyu's Remarque Institute alumnus PT/EN/FR

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rui tavares (unknown) retweetou @mwarne :

RT @mwarne: This photo was posted in a Facebook group I belong to. It’s in Morlande, a district of Avallon, Burgundy, France. #JoCox https://t.co/lwNaW2PQAi

RT @TiagoMatosGomes: RT @TiagoMatosGomes: Não basta mostrar um cartão amarelo a Órban, União Europeia. https://t.co/dkIzDsqvHo

RT @VascoPSilva: Lembram-se quando Manfred Weber, líder do @EPP pediu força máxima nas sanções a Portugal? Anunciou hoje, todo rapioqueiro, que quer ser Presidente da Comissão Europeia... Votem lá @ppdpsd e @_CDSPP nas europeias, para dar força aos projetos do senhor expresso.sapo.pt/politica/2016-…

RT @duncanrobinson: RT @duncanrobinson: If I were a Belgian journalist I would be doing a failed state piece right now.

RT @duncanrobinson: RT @duncanrobinson: When free trade turns out not to be that free at all. @dlknowles in the Times. https://t.co/t4QHvomgDs

RT @duncanrobinson: RT @duncanrobinson: the post-Brexit trade plan from Bill Cash https://t.co/TRVszTXgdq

RT @AmyRosary: RT @AmyRosary: George Michael rendered gay rights beautiful and so actionable to the masses. No one should have to do that, but he did. God…

RT @matthaig1: RT @matthaig1: For those naive enough to think Trump is really trying to save lives, explain this: https://t.co/H31U9K2ckz

RT @matthaig1: RT @matthaig1: Can I just say something about mental illness? https://t.co/30hkUUahL6

RT @antoni_UK: Compare: Johnson pre referendum: "@The3Million EU citizens treated no less favourable" TM today: "squaring up to EU demanding same rights" https://t.co/4TdHFFcUbR