Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

historiador, membro e fundador do LIVRE. historian, former Member of the European Parliament, founder of @LIVREpt

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RT @adowniebrazil: RT @adowniebrazil: Millôr atemporal. Da nova exposição sobre ele no Instituto Moreira Salles no Rio de Janeiro. Recomendo. Muito. https://t…

RT @adowniebrazil: RT @adowniebrazil: Every single area in Scotland voted for Remain. Every single one. #scotlandios https://t.co/eetnvlKE3R

RT @adowniebrazil: Dom Paulo Arns, one of Brazil's senior bishops and a much-loved leader of the country's human rights and pro-democracy movements, has died. twitter.com/cartamaior/sta…

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RT @jelani9: Have been saying for years that the absence of historical knowledge is a serious shortcoming in mainstream American media. You literally can’t know what’s “news” without knowing what’s old.

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RT @jelani9: RT @jelani9: Re-upping this from June.

RT @GCanavilhas: RT @GCanavilhas: RAP de apoio a Sampaio da Nóvoa – Apoiar "Sampaio da Nóvoa" Ouçam o RAP e percebam porque SdN é o tempo novo. https://t.co…

RT @matsjcarvalho: O publico.pt/podcast-agora foi uma das grandes companhias da minha quarentena, excelente forma de passar o tempo (pensando o tempo). Muito obrigado ao @ruitavares, ficamos à espera do livro (ou de 6)!

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RT @Marmel: RT @Marmel: This is why the GOP won't confront Trump... yet. The right is getting what they want. https://t.co/TDcxW1j8O5