Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

historiador. @livrept visiting @UMassLowell Spring 2020 PT/EN/FR

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RT @mattyglesias: Let’s have high taxes & a big welfare state. That’s socialism! OK, I’m a socialist. Like Stalin? No like Denmark. Nordics aren’t socialist they’re market economies with high taxes & a big welfare state. OK let’s have high taxes & a big welfare state. Socialist!

RT @mattyglesias: The idea that the economy would just be humming along in the counterfactuals world where governments weren’t closing businesses and issuing orders to stay home & we just let caseloads explode uncontrollably seems wrong to me.

RT @algumgustavo: RT @algumgustavo: VSF = VAI SER FELIZ FDP = FLOR DE PESSOA VTNC = VEM TOMAR NESCAU COMIGO as pessoas são fofas comigo e eu nem sabia

RT @hansmollman: RT @hansmollman: Yes, it says that France is in the EU. https://t.co/DvVlyoji52

RT @SpicerFacts: RT @SpicerFacts: Rome actually was built in a day, and the Greeks paid for it. #SpicerFacts

RT @pwnallthethings: RT @pwnallthethings: Much harder now to claim the "Russia, if you're listening" speech on 27 July was just a misfired campaign joke.

RT @winterbiz: RT @winterbiz: That "whoosh" sound you can hear are banks pulling out of London. I'm betting on UniCredit and Santander first. #EUref #Brex…

@vaiafonso E depois aparecia um pessoal a dizer para eu não te endoutrinar a roupa? Acho plausível.

RT @beckybarnicoat: RT @beckybarnicoat: What a difference a fortnight makes. https://t.co/P23NPlNb5n