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RT @TheEconomist: More than 50 Palestinians, including a senior Hamas commander, have been killed by Israel’s bombing campaign. Israeli deaths remain in single digits econ.st/3oa64Xk

RT @observadorpt: RT @observadorpt: New York Times coloca cidade do Porto como possibilidade para receber final da Champions feedproxy.google.com/~r/obs-ultimas…

RT @Birdyword: This is an amazing piece. To censor China's internet, the censors have to be taught the real version of Chinese history so that they know what to block. nyti.ms/2RtIarX https://t.co/SPgZfy6zwq

RT @loureiro_md: Ótimas notícias para os infelizes que estão presos em casa, de quarentena, em Wuhan e noutras cidades chinesas - quando a despensa começar a esvaziar podem atacar o armário das especiarias

RT @relax: RT @relax: RIP Maxis :(

Uma mensagem poderosa. ◽

RT @DowryOfMary: 106 years ago today, the Armenian Genocide began in the Ottoman Empire. Turkey still refuses to recognise this genocide. They are guilty. Pray for the repose of all those who lost their life. https://t.co/bphgTmWymj

RT @lilianappinto: RT @lilianappinto: Ja desligaram os despertadores? De nada. https://t.co/QUdLWr9l0r