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RT @GreekAnalyst: RT @GreekAnalyst: With Kirchner finally gone, rather than criticizing her destructive tenure, in 2016, he turned against hedge funds. https…

RT @GreekAnalyst: RT @GreekAnalyst: In 2007, Stiglitz had to say this about Chavez's economic policies in Venezuela. venezuelanalysis.com/news/2719 https://t.co/BRY…

RT @GreekAnalyst: But wait. There's more: in *2010*, he told *Kirchner* that Argentina was an "example of how to overcome a crisis." ambito.com/560393-stiglit… https://t.co/1C9dAE9WTv

RT @GreekAnalyst: RT @GreekAnalyst: In 2012, Stiglitz also publicly praised Cristina Kirchner & her policies - with Kirchner applauding him on the side. http…

RT @GreekAnalyst: Stiglitz also had to say *this* about Greece's ex-MinFin who almost brought the country to ruin - in under a year! euractiv.com/section/euro-f… https://t.co/HwzMResyGc

RT @gabriel_zucman: RT @gabriel_zucman: Fun fact: the top 10 richest people in America now own 1% of all US wealth, $1 trillion out of $100 trillion

RT @spectatorindex: RT @spectatorindex: JUST IN: Man with fake credentials, a gun and 500 rounds of ammo has been arrested near the US Capitol

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📣 Dar Voz ao CDS Começamos hoje, por Leiria, uma volta digital Nacional para falar com dirigentes e militantes do CDS. 🎯 A proximidade é uma marca do CDS e nem em tempos de pandemia descoramos esta ideia. Portugal precisa de mais CDS. #CDS #AcreditarEmPortugal 🇵🇹 https://t.co/mrHmRK8SIL