Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

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RT @folha_poder: Não sei mais rir, diz alagoana que sobreviveu a ataque alemão na 2ª Guerra brasil.blogfolha.uol.com.br/?p=3899?utm_so…

Only a few people showed up for the so-called Impeachment Rallies that took place over the weekend. Even the Fake News called it a disaster. On the 4th of Julyfr

Carlos Moedas (EU) respondeu @Moedas :

Sweden 🇸🇪 is the 2019 EU innovation leader, followed by Finland 🇫🇮, Denmark 🇩🇰and the Netherlands 🇳🇱. In selected areas of innovation 🇩🇰, 🇱🇺, 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇵🇹, 🇦🇹, 🇲🇹, 🇮🇪 are the best performing EU countries. Congratulations to all! # europa.eu/!Uj66Jc EUinnovation https://t.co/9F8vE9D9Ox

RT @Sporting_Things: Agressão do guarda-redes do Benfica ao Cardinal, mas não se passa nada... 😊 https://t.co/kSB3Y9ow9a

RT @youngvulgarian: Brave of Fillon to send an email - today of all days - asking for donations: https://t.co/OxvCfeZxAl

RT @youngvulgarian: That attempted Labour coup in full: https://t.co/TUIqPES9o4

RT @youngvulgarian: the UK just before Article 50: wants to be "the best friend and neighbour to our European partners" the UK just a…