Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Bill Esterson (Labour) retweetou @ewanmcg :

RT @ewanmcg: The Lib Dem’s shouldn’t get to pose as anti #Brexit pioneers: Nick Clegg’s 2010 manifesto was the first to offer an in-out referendum on the EU. #newsnight

RT @CllrCWakeford: RT @CllrCWakeford: Pendle Labour & Lib Dem’s opposing @PendleTories motion to tackle electoral fraud with Voter ID, postal voting and proxy…

RT @bbcmerseyside: WATCH: Damien Moore wins Southport for the Conservatives with a majority of 4147. Labour finish second, Lib Dem’s in third. https://t.co/iPkBvERVv5

RT @liberalbloke: Only 4 more to 300. Since joining the Lib Dem’s I have met so many great people both online and off line. I can honestly say as I have before, I fully believe I have found my political home.

RT @StephenLloydEBN: Outstanding article by Suzanne Moore. Also applies to the Lib Dem’s. Yes of course Johnson is totally amoral, will make a cast iron promise one day only to break it the next - but unless we take on board what she’s flagged, they’ll keep winning! theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

Preet Kaur Gill (UKMPs) tweetou :

The only bar chart that matters is the 2017 election result. The Lib Dem’s are at it again posting inaccurate and misleading bar charts. The people of #Birmingham and #Edgbaston will not be misled. #Preet4Edgbaston https://t.co/w6RX5YvZlC

RT @JamesHeartfield: RT @JamesHeartfield: Only the Lib Dem’s can win here! https://t.co/UCBpKebARW

RT @DesParkinson: It’s an absolute disgrace to see what Lib Dem’s supporters do and the people of Brecon and Radnor would be outraged. Especially in our military town where we have so many veterans. #BreconandRadnor #libdems #brecon https://t.co/1qVb95p6yK

Politicians don’t get to pick and choose the referendums results they respect. The Lib Dem’s and SNP are cut from the same cloth ignoring referendum results because the voters didn’t give them the answer they wanted. It’s anti-democratic and why people loose faith in politics

RT @Richardwtaylors: Friends let’s get the message out there and make sure the people of Powys know how undemocratic the Lib Dem’s are! The @brexitparty_uk and our candidate @DesParkinson will deliver. #BreconandRadnorshire #BreconandRadnor #Byelections #BrexitBetrayal https://t.co/Lp8oFwXn0k