Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

Dan Harris (unknown) retweetou @LeahGazan :

RT @LeahGazan: The Petition is here! If you support #MOTION46 for a guaranteed Livable Basic Income sign this petition & retweet!! Let’s keep this trending and let the gov’t know it’s time all people live with dignity & HRs! @BasicManitoba @basicincomecdn @ubi_works leahgazan.ca/basicincomemot…

RT @JackMcKelvie: Let’s react by using our assaults rifles, our sniper rifles, our armoured vehicles and war planes against rocks and slingshots. Absolutely disgraceful response from the US ambassador to the UN. twitter.com/abc/status/996…

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RT @LeahGazan: #Motion46 in support of a Guaranteed Livable Basic income is TRENDING!!!! Let’s keep the pressure on! It’s time that all individuals in Canada live in dignity!!!! @BasicManitoba @basicincomecdn #NoComradesUnder1k #nocomradesleftbehind @ubi_works https://t.co/puB7lcs9Iz

Dr. C.P. Joshi (india) tweetou :

On this #WorldLionDay Let’s Take an oath on to help and save the natural habitat of the jungle's king to ensure his survival. https://t.co/B0tMRvo4Mi

RT @widhyarthi: Let’s help Kachho Sindh . Let’s help our Countrymen . Due to heavy rains , West Sindh is flooded. #Sindh in Need of help . @StateDept @State_SCA @usconsulatekhi @USAID @UN @LawrenceSellin @SecPompeo @husainhaqqani @TarekFatah @nytimes @BBCUrdu @Dawn_News @htTweets @ANI https://t.co/vo3vqU51Vk

RT @MarinaDuranLuna: RT @MarinaDuranLuna: @labourlewis Thanks, Clive : Art transforms everything, even hatred in “love/humor” . Let’s make a better Europe ◽◽. A…

RT @George_Osborne: Let’s imagine the howls our outcry and the calls for resignation if my friend @MattHancock hadn’t hit 100,000 tests target - and now listen to the sullen silence as he succeeds. Well done Matt

RT @nyunggai: RT @nyunggai: In today’s Financial Review: Only private capital can create jobs. Let’s get it to work. https://t.co/ud9AEu5xkh

“Let’s go Sharkies”

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