Diz que não disse, escreveu e apagou

@Gosebo_Mathope Hey Mtase! I’m around. I’ve been sick? Where’s the 11% to make that a 100%?

@remainwithkate Great menu. Where’s this?

Where’s the snitchers tweeting their moral indignation?

Where’s the snitching lefties now?

Floyd Shivambu (EFF) tweetou :

Because he is doing absolutely nothing in the consolidated and nationwide fight against Coronavirus, where’s Jamnandas to come explain the lie? We’re in lockdown but should take note that with them on power it’s downgrades, recession, record unemployment levels, rising poverty. https://t.co/OB2RRDFBSc

RT @alstewitn: RT @alstewitn: Where’s @BorisJohnson ? Asking for >48 friends.

RT @mcannonbrookes: Worlds largest investor is out. Still think thermal coal will last 20 years in Australia? Highly unlikely. Where’s the plan to transition these “jobs at risk” ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩? afr.com/companies/fina…

RT @aaltafaj: Thousands of Catalans shouting “where’s Europe?” Nowhere else such a strong call for more Europe. Misplaced? #FreeSanchezCuixart twitter.com/la_txell/statu…